Powerlifting and BJJ

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jonboy 3 posts
I am thinking of starting powerlifting to possibly help my BJJ. But not entirely sure. Just asking for opinions whether you think it would be good for just the power and bad cos of the flexibility?

Thanks in advance
Robsco 1319 posts
Hey Jon,

BJJ should primarily be about technique, not strength, so that shouldn't really be a concern.
The Admin Guy
jonboy 3 posts
As I'm only a beginner, was thinking ahead if/when I go for competition, thinking strength in some way shape or form might come into it and maybe get an edge early on!
Robsco 1319 posts
I can see where you're coming from, but I'd be more inclined to work on your technique first.

If you start using strength so early on, you'll be missing the point completely.

I remember the day I rolled with Royce Gracie, me going mad, and he's literally whistling as he slowly sets up and armbars me!

There is no replacement for good technique, if someone beats you, you need to work on your technique, not your strength.
The Admin Guy
jonboy 3 posts
Much appreciated advice taken on board.

jessicapatel123 1 posts
hi everyone here i'm new user.Since i started that routine i recognized that i feel like shit most of the time. I visibly gained mass and raw strength, although now i feel like i gas out MUCH faster than leaner guys, i have that explosive power but just in the first of 3 rounds of sparring.

Than i constantly feel sore and exhausted and i have sleeping problems.

What i learned / gained from powerlifting:

My grip strength improved dramatically (due to krok rows mostly)
I added about 10kg of weight, went from 74 to 82, of course not all is muscle
My back pain from sitting in the office all day is better since i deadlifted
Looking bigger / More attention from the other gender (bonus ;) )
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Felipe 2 posts
There are some stuff like flexibility needed for BJJ that you'll lose with powerlifting so it might not be the best option if you really want to be good in BJJ!