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Monday 10th December 2012 at 00:59

I used to box, kick box, grappling was what we called BJJ and assorted other MA's. I am in very good shape, stong, healthy and I would like to start training under the right experts. I would also like to have a practice partner. I'm dedicated when I begin something and my goals are long term. On a funny note, I am in very good health except for some sports injuries. If I didn't have them, I'de get them sitting on the couch. I play Hockey, softball, foootball, surf, dive etc with guys oin their twentys. I'm 6'3", 235, BF 8-10%, BP110-70, RHR 52. I was away, and I thought I had was an adult, someone wanted to "just go a few rounds of BJJ". I actually won in three matches to a seasoned competitor. I felt great then. The next couple of days I was in agony, in places I didn't know there were nerves. Most people would quit. I want to go back in and learn. My theory is if I hurt that much, I am in no way the shape I allowed my ego think I was in.

So,I would like to know a great instructor, that is patient, someone that is willing to practice with me. Probably, most of all, any good advice that will not only allow me grow here but, As I have always experienced, grow in other areas of my life and psyche. Thanks.


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Monday 10th December 2012 at 19:59

Welcome to the site, where abouts are you based? Are there no local clubs nearby?

The Admin Guy