Push Sweep - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

Push Sweep

You have your opponent in the guard. Grab their collar with your right hand (fingers inside, thumb outside), and grab their right elbow with your left hand.

Uncross your feet (if using the closed guard) and put your right foot on the ground. Put your weight on your right foot and left shoulder. Now lift your hips up and take them to the right. This creates the space required between you and your opponent for the rest of the technique.

Bring your right knee across your opponents stomach.

Just as with the Scissor Sweep, you lay your left leg next to your opponents right knee. But for this sweep your opponent has a wide base and has spread their knees to make the Scissor Sweep difficult.

Place your left foot on your opponents right knee as shown. You may need to push away to create more space by using your right knee on your opponents stomach.

Push your opponents right knee with your left foot to destroy their base.

Straighten your right leg to sweep your opponent, then take up the mounted position. You will have your opponents right arm secured possibly for numerous arm-locks.