The Ultimate Ju-Jitsu Guestbook - Page 59

Well this is the place to say a quick hello to let us know you've visited our website. If you have any questions please post in the forum, asking a question here will undoubtly get no reply.


NamePeter McCarney

StylesJikishin Ju Jitsu

Grades1st Dan Black Belt


I echo Seymour's comments. Very impressive and enjoyable. I'll certainly be making return visits. Regards.



well the site looks definately better than the last one, a great improvement rob, just one thing...more photos..please ;o) keep up the good work.


NameSeung Hyun, Lee

what a wonderful site!!!!
thanx thanx ......!!!!!!!

I am the Korean. In Korea, there is not a place which is the possibility of learning the jujitsu. It is like that and we learn from the book or person who learned other country.

There will be a possibility of learning the many thing to this fine site. Truth Thank you.



When are you going to update the blue belt section of your page?