The Ultimate Ju-Jitsu Guestbook - Page 59

Well this is the place to say a quick hello to let us know you've visited our website. If you have any questions please post in the forum, asking a question here will undoubtly get no reply.


NameAaron Brummett

StylesSeizan Ryu Kempo JuJutsu


I am a former police officer, and have a good amount of police tactics training. I am some what new to JuJutsu. I have taken it for only a few months now and I totally love it. I do undercover retail security for a major food chain now. In this line of work I often find myself in some nasty fights. Often the shoplifter has a warrant for his arrest, is wasted on drugs {usaly meth} and will do anything' including cutting your throat to get away from you. Usaly the homeless do not put up to much of a fight, its the gangbangers I hate the most... Anyway I am allways intrested in "war stories" and training info. sharkman


NameWill Mallard

Styleslau gar kung fu kickboxing

Gradesyellow (5th kup)


Ju jitsu has interested me for some time, but there are no good clubs in my area, I am going to uni next year, so the opportunity will arise to get into it. As I have already done a style for some time now, will I be able to pick the basics of ju jitsu up relatively quickly?



StylesNone as of yet



I am very interested in Ju-Jitsu. I did it several years ago for a while. Now im 14 and want to take it up as a way to stay in shape and do something fun. And use it as a way to vent.


Nameandy robinsom


Gradesblack belt


great site,will be calling back on a regular basis,if you want to put a face with a name,there is a picture of me on your tournaments page '2002 Dewsbury' i won the U91kg division, top row far right on knees inside the guard,


NamePeter McCarney

StylesJikishin Ju Jitsu

Grades1st Dan Black Belt


I echo Seymour's comments. Very impressive and enjoyable. I'll certainly be making return visits. Regards.



well the site looks definately better than the last one, a great improvement rob, just one thing...more photos..please ;o) keep up the good work.


NameSeung Hyun, Lee

what a wonderful site!!!!
thanx thanx ......!!!!!!!

I am the Korean. In Korea, there is not a place which is the possibility of learning the jujitsu. It is like that and we learn from the book or person who learned other country.

There will be a possibility of learning the many thing to this fine site. Truth Thank you.



When are you going to update the blue belt section of your page?