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andy robinsom (jujitsu, black belt)


great site,will be calling back on a regular basis,if you want to put a face with a name,there is a picture of me on your tournaments page '2002 Dewsbury' i won the U91kg division, top row far right on knees inside the guard,

Sunday 27th October 2002 at 13:42

Peter McCarney (Jikishin Ju Jitsu, 1st Dan Black Belt)


I echo Seymour's comments. Very impressive and enjoyable. I'll certainly be making return visits. Regards.

Wednesday 23rd October 2002 at 15:51


well the site looks definately better than the last one, a great improvement rob, just one thing...more photos..please ;o) keep up the good work.

Monday 21st October 2002 at 19:41

Seung Hyun, Lee

what a wonderful site!!!!
thanx thanx ......!!!!!!!

I am the Korean. In Korea, there is not a place which is the possibility of learning the jujitsu. It is like that and we learn from the book or person who learned other country.

There will be a possibility of learning the many thing to this fine site. Truth Thank you.

Sunday 25th November 2001 at 18:24


When are you going to update the blue belt section of your page?

Saturday 17th November 2001 at 23:55