Head Lock Escape (Hip Roll) - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

Head Lock Escape (Hip Roll)

Head locks are one of the most common positions found in street fights.

Your opponent has you in a head lock, and/or the scarf hold position.

If your right arm is trapped under your opponents left arm, take your left hand behind your opponents back and grab your right wrist.

By using your left foot, try to slide your hips under your opponents hips as far as possible.

Now thrust your hips up and pull your right wrist across with your left hand to roll your opponent over your body.

Continue to roll your opponent, then come up onto your left knee and take your right foot over your opponent and place it in front of their stomach. Ensure you have a solid base before attempting any submissions. If your opponent still has a solid hold around your neck, use the arm-frame method as shown in the 'Head Lock Escape (Leg Hook)' technique.