Head Lock Escape (Leg Hook) - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

Head Lock Escape (Leg Hook)

Head locks are one of the most common positions found in street fights.

Head locks are one of the most common positions found in street fights. This escape is used when your opponent has a tight grip round your neck and has their head down.

Grab your opponents left bicep with your left hand. This is mainly used to prevent your opponent from striking you.

Now hook your opponents left leg with your left foot.

Take your right arm under your body and turn onto your stomach and establish a good solid base. If your opponent keeps their legs apart, the may get stuck here and you will be able to simply pull your head out of their grip.

If your opponent puts their legs together and keeps the grip round your neck you will end in this position. Take your right leg over your opponent place it in front of their stomach. Be sure to maintain a good base at this point.

If your opponent has a very strong grip round your neck you will use the arm-frame method to break their grip. To start, simply lay your left forearm across their neck.

Now hold your left wrist with your right hand and force your left forearm into their neck. The pain caused here will make them release the grip straight away. Do not try to use strength to apply the pressure, simply lean all your weight onto your opponents grip.

When your opponent releases the grip on your neck be sure to secure their arm between your head and shoulder ready for an arm-bar.

Take your left leg over your opponents head and sit down. Hold their arm ready to apply the arm-bar.

To apply the arm-bar lay back and keep your opponents arm pinned to your chest. Now just raise your hips, just an inch of movement should be enough to cause pain. Be sure that your opponents thumb is pointing straight up, this ensures a solid lock.